Monday, September 11, 2006

Read About Casey In Capital News !

This month in the Australian Country Music Magazine Capital news you will find an article on me and also my first album review.
To Read the article go to Captial News Editorial
And to read the album review go to Capital News Review
Thanks so much to the radio stations who are supporting my single "I Don't Want To Work This Hard" and to everyone who has bought the album so far and has also been requesting the single to get played at their local radio stations.

The film clip should be getting aired on CMC around the 18th of this month so please stay tuned and I'll keep you updated with new info.Until then you can be one of the first to see it on my music/video page
My brilliant web designer, Chad and I have some great new plans for the website and soon will have a Mailing List set up as well as some competitions and much more !
Next week I'm off to the Mildura Country Music Festival, so I won't be able to write again until I get back. It is a great festival, I've been several times and I am especially excited to be going back again this year to play the songs from my new album.
Okay Bye for Now,