Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tamworth Country Music Festival !

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it's been a while since I wrote. A very busy time of year with the festive season and then Tamworth Country Music Festival, from which I have just returned ! I had a fantastic time and played with some wonderful musicians, Chris Stevenson (Guitar), Daniel Webbe (Bass), Mike Stevenson (Keyboards) and Marty Smith (Drums).
We played a lot of the songs from my album Lead You Astray, as well as some great cover songs.
The atmosphere was amazing and I met some great people, one of who deserves special mention was a local Tony, hi mate ! Tony made a sign for us and brought it to the gig and became an honourary band member ! What a great guy !
We played show's at West Leagues Club, Diggers, Imperial Hotel, Southgate Inn and the Central Hotel and had an absolute ball !!
When we weren't playing gigs we went and watched some other great artists including ,Luke O'Shea and Medicine Wheel, Kim McKenzie, The Vibe, Michael Bryers, The Flood and Amber Lawrence just to name a few !
Thanks to Jim Haynes who invited me to perform on his Big Bush Brekky this year and have a chance at Co-hosting ! If you haven't seen Jim, you must he is a very funny and clever man and a true seasoned entertainer of the highest class !
The weather was sweltering but luckily there was airconditioning in most venues and what would Tamworth be without a bit of heat.
My first single "I Don't Want to Work This Hard," peaked at number 6 on the CMR Charts and I am soon to be releasing my second single from the album a duet originally recorded by Emmy-Lou Harris and Don Williams, "If I Needed You."
A highlight from the festival was winning a Tiara (Tamworth Independent Artist Recognition Award) for our version of "If I Needed You." It is truly a beautiful song and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to record and sing it with producer Brendan Radford, one of the most talented musicians I know ! And a big thank you to all of the organisers from the TIARA's for supporting Australian Indepent Country Artists !

Thanks for checking in, please feel free to write a response, become a member of the mailing club or sign the guestbook, I'd love to hear from you !

Casey xxx


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